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Subject Users being targeted by DDoS attacks
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Hey Fighters,
The RF Team has received several reports of users being targeted by DDoS attacks. We are already aware of the situation and have been investigating the issue.
We would like to remind users that DDoS attacks towards other players, disrupting their ability to play Rumble Fighter, and disrupting their network connection goes against our OGPlanet Terms of Service. Users found violating our ToS will receive a permanent account ban on their accounts, including all associated accounts, and even legal actions for the damages caused to OGPlanet.
We strongly recommend users to make thorough reports in the case of a suspected DDoS attack. Word of mouth, user remarks (ex. "I'm going to DDoS you!"), or screenshots are not sufficient for our investigative report. Users will need to gather network logs, which can be requested from your Internet Service Providers (ISP). Let them know of your current situation, the time of incident, and request all available information that can be used to track your attacker. If you are unsure of who your current ISP is, will provide you with that information (
For those who currently have any information regarding their attacker, please contact our Help Desk by sending a ticket under the 'Report Abuse' category. OGPlanet takes DDoS attacks very seriously, and are working day and night to investigate and track down the culprits. In order for us to effectively investigate, we will require your help with any information you can provide. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and would like to remind all users that we are taking all possible actions to prevent the issue from occurring again.
Thank you,
The Rumble Fighter Team
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