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Subject Ghost Claw Update - Additional Information
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Hey Fighters,

Just a couple things we'd like to share, as this information won't be found on our latest update poster:

1) There was an issue with our current Merit System, where some of the conditions did not calculate correctly. An example can be found with the Exocore Collector merit - Collecting 50 Exocores. Users may have found that they did not have at least 50 Exocores, however were able to complete and claim their reward. 

We were made aware by several reports from our users, and this issue should now be resolved. However, in order to resolve the issue, those who had already completed the merit will have to re-complete it again. This can be reactivated by reclaiming your reward from the Quest > Merit Section.

As a compensation for this inconvenience, everyone that has logged in at least once during Dec. 19 ~ Jan. 08, will receive a small package consisting of an Enigma Chest, and a 1000 Carat Coupon.

2) Stat Bonus System - In the latest poster, we forgot to include a new addition to the RF Game System. We will slowly be implementing stat bonuses when wearing multiple pieces of specific costume sets. Currently, there are only a few costume sets that will provide stat bonuses. For all you stat enthusiasts, this is the perfect opportunity to beef up your character. Which costumes you may ask? We'll let you guys figure that out. 

Hope you enjoy the Ghost Claw Update, and I'll see you fighters in game! ...just go easy on me ok?


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