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Thank You.
Rumble Fighter's game servers have now officially closed (May 23, 2014). Click for full details. May, 23/2014
Servers Back Online
The RFEU server maintenance is now complete, and the servers are back online. We apologize for the inconvenience. Apr, 02/2014
A Fighter's Farewell
With great sadness, we regret to announce that OGPlanet will officially be ending service of Rumble Fighter and shutting down the game's servers, effective as of May 23rd, 2014. Click for full details. Apr, 02/2014
Scheduled Maintenance at 6PM GMT / 10AM PT
The RF Servers will be coming down for scheduled maintenance tonight at 6PM GMT / 10AM PT. The approximate maintenance duration is expected to last at least 2 hours. Please continue to check back on our website, or follow our status updates on Facebook and Twitter. Thank You. Apr, 02/2014
Ghost Claw Update - Additional Information
Along with the content and events provided in the Ghost Claw update poster, we have some additional information regarding our recent update. Click for details. Jan, 08/2014
In-Game Issue
Some players may be experiencing an issue when attempting to create or join rooms. It seems to be a temporary issue and you can try re-logging to the game or simply waiting for a bit. We are currently working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.  Dec, 01/2013
Don't Miss This Black Friday!
Don't miss out this Black Friday, as Rumble Fighter has a bunch of awesome events to kick start the weekend. Various 1+1 deals, 50% off select skill items, battle events to achieve RARE Exocores, Limited Edition BFE Costume Sets and more! Click for more details. Nov, 29/2013
Windows 8 to 8.1
We recommend users who are experiencing issues with Rumble Fighter and Windows 8 to upgrade their operating system (OS) to Windows 8.1. Nov, 13/2013
Emergency Maintenance
Hey Fighters,   The RFEU servers will be coming down shortly for brief server maintenance. Nov, 03/2013
Autumn Episodes
The weather is getting colder, and it's time to begin hoarding items. In this Autumn Episode, we provide you with events that'll allow you to stay well equipped before the cold winter comes. Oct, 17/2013
Autumn Bonus Events!
Autumn's here and the Halloween season has begun. Come join us and participate in our Autumn Events, where you can redeem prizes such as, a Frankie Head Bolt, Red Vamp Top Hat, Golden Tickets, Skeleton Sets, Cursed Vladimir Chests, Fearless Scroll (Perm) and more! Click for more details. Oct, 01/2013
Scheduled RF and OGP-Wide Maintenance
The RF Servers will be coming down for scheduled maintenance today at 10PM PT. The approximate maintenance duration is uncertain. During that time, we will also be performing back-end maintenance, that will cause our OGPlanet website and forums to go down. The web maintenance is expected to last at least an hour, however is subject to change. Sep, 10/2013
Thanks For Attending RF's Anniversary!
The Rumble Fighter Team would like to thank all our users for attending the anniversary party. 13/15 goals were unlocked, and we've decided to award those who attended ALL the prizes! Click for more details. Sep, 09/2013
Back To School Weekend Events!
Summer's now over, and school's back in session. So why not enjoy the weekend by playing some Rumble Fighter and enjoying a couple events that we've cooked up! Click for more details. Sep, 06/2013
Help Desk Maintenance Complete
Our Help Desk maintenance is now complete. Help Desk tickets will now be answered as normal, and we thank you for your patience. Aug, 20/2013
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